pactl percentage bug fix

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Here is the problem:

In src/utils/pactl.c:

Between line 2530 and line 2535, in function parse_volume:

These two 'if' statements will BOTH execute if the input string contains both a '.' and ends with a '%'.

This results in vol_flags having VOL_PERCENT and VOL_LINEAR or'd in and set, which is equivalent in effect to '*vol_flags |= VOL_DECIBEL' (because VOL_PERCENT is 1 and VOL_LINEAR is 2, and VOL_DECIBEL is 3. Refer to line 76) So from then on the function is erroneously acting as if the input string was a decibel value, instead of a percentage.

Suggested fix:
Change line 2532 from this
    if (pa_endswith(vs, "%")) {
To this:
    else if (pa_endswith(vs, "%")) {

I apologise for my rudeness earlier but this was not the first time pulseaudio bugs have BLASTED EXTREMELY LOUD NOISE AT 100% THROUGH MY HEADPHONES and I was very upset.

I don't have a git account or any of the stuff necessary to actually submit a patch so I would appreciate if someone or pulseaudio dev would take note of this and make the necessary change

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