Re: module-remap-source, module-virtual-source, and latencies

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I am not sure about different latencies re module-remap-source and module-virtual-source. From my testing the quality of audio output when using a remapped source with getUserMedia() is inferior compared to getting the raw PCM using pactl or parec with fetch() on the browser side then using AudioWorklet or MediaStreamTrackGenerator in Chrome/Chromium to output the audio.

On Sat, Apr 16, 2022 at 9:49 PM Chase Lambert <chaselambda@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm trying to make a low latency Virtual microphone. What that means is I make a null sink, and then a module-virtual-source or module-remap-source that has a master pointing to the sink's monitor.

Then I can write to that sink, and get data to show up in this virtual microphone.

I've found that module-remap-source has a lower latency than module-virtual-source, (~400ms lower it seems), but I don't have any idea why. And more generally -- what is the difference between these two modules? I looked at their source and also the git history, but that didn't clear much up for me.

Also, is this the best way to make a low latency microphone? I have an application that I want to send data to Chrome, with as low latency as possible. Chrome operates directly with pulseaudio[0].



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