Re: How does PulseAudio adapt to multi-user usage scenarios?

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In my opinion, each session should share monitor. Each user should be able to 
listen this monitor. This monitor device is muted by default. User may set 
option, to unmute it on user switch case.

On other side (user, who can listen this special monitor), user could mute it 
for own or set sound level.

1. Nobody must listen your session
2. Nobody must share  own session

Dnia poniedziałek, 15 listopada 2021 06:26:29 CET Chengyi Zhao pisze:
> Hi guys,
> In these system (Debian or Ubuntu) the PulseAudio is a user-level
> process, not a system-level process. Bluetooth is successfully connected
> and able to play audio via A2DP when logging in user1, and then switched
> to user2, the Bluetooth connection is already connected, but there is no
> A2DP sound when playing audio.
> How does PulseAudio adapt to multi-user usage scenarios?
> Thanks a lot.
> Best Regards,
> Chengyi

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