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On Thu, 4 Feb 2021, Sean Greenslade wrote:

Under the "Output Devices" tab, some of the outputs may have a "Port"
dropdown selector. ... The "Logitach H5703 Stereo Analog Stereo" device is
the important one, and it should be left on its default port selection of
"Headphones." Also verify that the device is not muted, and that the
volume slider is at a reasonable position.


Yes, it has the port of Headphones, is unmulted, and has the volume slider
at 100%

Under the "Playback" tab, there will be a list of programs currently
playing sound.

Audacious is running and a song is playing.

Now, next to the title of each application, there is an unlabeled dropdown
box that shows which sound device the application is currently playing to.
Find the actively-playing application and switch its dropdown to the
"Logitach H5703 Stereo Analog Stereo" option.

Well! The last time I lookat at the 'Playback' tab I missed your point that
the dropdown box being unmarked meant there wasn't the usual triangle common
to comboboxes. I didn't click on it becuase the symbol wasn't there. Just
now I did and, sure enough, there was another option there: the Logitech

I'm so used to GUI widgets being self-explanatory that I didn't try clicking
on what appeared to be a label widget. I apologize for not groking what you

Now, while there is sound delivered to the headset it comes from only one
side. I have the channels locked (the vu meter has two bars, one for Front
Left the other for Front Right. I'm assuming that's a hardware defect.

Thanks very much for your patient help.

Best regards,

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