USB-connected headsets: no sound

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I have an issue and hope someone here can help me resolve it. Short version:
USB-connected headsets have no audible output.

Long version: I run Slackware-14.2/x86_64 with pulseaudio-9.0-x86_64-1 on a
desktop workstation using an Asus Prime X470 Pro motherboard.

I have three headsets and external speakers on this desktop. The speakers
and the Yamaha CM500 headset are analog and connect via the audio green and
red phone sockets; the Logitech H570e and Mpow HC headsets are digital (at
least they connect via a USB port).

Audio from any source is heard from the analog speakers and the Yamaha
headphones. No sound is heard from any source using the digital headphones.

pavucontrol recognizes the digital headsets and both microphones work when
selected as input devices; the vu meter fluctuates as I speak. But no sound
is heard from any source. With the Logitech connected to a USB3.x port on
the desktop's case pavucontrol's output devices tab sees 'Logitech H5703
Stereo Analog Stereo and the port is Headphones. In the configuration tab
the profile choices for the Logitech are: Analog Stereo Duplex (the
default), Analog Stereo Output, Analog Stereo Input, and Off.

With the Mpow headset connected pavucontrol configuration has its profile as
Analog Stereo Output + Analog Mono Input. The output devices tab uses the
only available port: Analog Output.

How can I identify the source of this problem and fix it?


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