Re: Delayed muting of studio speakers

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On Tue, 22 Dec 2020, at 1:45 PM, Chris Mayes wrote:
> Speaking of Spotify, I remembered that I'd selected "quiet" for the 
> volume level under Music Quality:
> spotify_levels.png
> I've switched it to "normal".  This ought to help with the signal 
> level, though I'd still like to find where this minimum signal 
> threshold is being enforced.  It may be in the speakers themselves, 
> especially since the left channel tends to mute before the right.  I've 
> written to the manufacturers, but I've yet to receive a response.
> I'll see how well the "normal" volume level does at keeping the cutoff 
> at bay.  If I ever do hear from the manufacturer, I'll send an update.

This does indeed seem to be an issue with the speakers, given that output and the fact that the volume things fixes it. I found this random thread that suggests that you're not alone:

-- Arun
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