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On 09.06.20 13:59, Chris Adams wrote:
I am running Fedora 31, with pulseaudio 13.99.1-3.fc31 and bluez
5.54-1.fc31.  I am unable to get any Bluetooth headset to work in
headset_head_unit (HSP/HFP) mode.  I tried a new headset I just bought
for video chats an old pair of headphones (that I'm pretty sure I used
in headset mode years ago), and a pair of earbuds.

The headset and old earphones both have both Headset and Handsfree
Bluetooth available, so from what I read should work.  The earbuds only
have Handsfree, so I guess that's not even expected to work with Linux.

When I run "pacmd set-card-profile <device> headset_head_unit", it
appears to work, but nothing is heard from the mic and any attempts to
output sound just hang (and no output).

Is there any way to get this working?


there is currently a lot going on to achieve better BT support in PA.
Please refer to

Testers welcome!


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