LADSPA plugin strange behavior

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Hi all,


New to the list. I’m setting up a system where I have a post-processing LADSPA plugin. I’ve setup /etc/pulse/ to load my LADSPA plugin and to set it as the default sink.

Running pulseaudio with “pulseaudio 2>&1” I can see all the logs from my plugin, with it being properly initialized upon start of pulseaudio server, and deinitialized when shutting down the server.


But, there is a strange behavior. Running one audio stream with aplay f.i., and then starting another one with paplay f.i., I can see that the pulseaudio server deactivates, and re-activates the plugin. This it does for any stream started AND stopped.


Isn’t the stream to the plugin supposed to be continuous? Can the pulseaudio server be configured not to do this ?





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