New public API: ports sharing jack detection, device types

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Hi all,

Just a heads-up: there's a discussion ongoing in the Gnome GitLab about
new public client API for figuring out which ports share jack detection
and for annotating ports with device type information:

As is the case always with client API additions, it's very desirable to
get the API right the first time, because we can't break compatibility
later. Therefore I'm inviting input from anyone interested in this

The background in short: many laptops have a headset connector that can
be used with headphones, headsets or stand-alone microphones, but the
hardware can't tell what kind of device was plugged in. Gnome has a
pop-up dialog that allows the user to tell what they plugged in, but as
new laptops are moving to use UCM, that dialog doesn't work any more.
Fixing it properly seems to require changes to the PulseAudio client


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