Re: Can PJSIP help with this requirement?

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On Wednesday 18 August 2021 at 14:51:39, Andreas Wehrmann wrote:

> On 18.08.21 14:38, Antony Stone wrote:
> > On Wednesday 18 August 2021 at 14:19:56, Andreas Wehrmann wrote:
> >> If I understand correctly, you want to be able to (un-)hold and transfer
> >> calls.
> > 
> > Correctly understood :)
> Looking at your response, I think I misunderstood you, at least partially.
> When you wrote you had "a very basic SIP client application",
> I assumed you wrote this client yourself using the PJSUA API.

Oh, no - this is a type of "click to dial" softphone app (no idea what it is 
based on) which can place and receive calls using the SIP protocol (and it 
handles the RTP media as well), but does nothing beyond those very basic 

> Putting PJSUA in the middle and behaving like a SIP proxy is not possible,

Do you (or anyone else here) have a suggestion of what might be able to act in 
that way?  I initially thought that Kamailio would be a solution, but people 
on their mailing list tell me it isn't (and indeed suggested PJSIP).

> though you might be able to implement a B2B UA using the PJSUA API.

The problem with implementing a B2BUA (as I understand it, happy to be 
corrected if possible) is that the hold and transfer functions would then be 
being performed inside this new component in the network.

I need them to be performed in the existing PBX server, just the same as they 
would be if I plugged in a competent SIP phone and could press the "hold" 

> Would it be a problem to use another SIP client?

Yes, I am stuck with the client application we have; I'm trying to find a way 
of implementing something which understands more about SIP in order to manage 
the calls.

> pjproject provides a test application "pjsua-app" which let's you do
> what you want.

I'll take a look, but it sounds like it assumes it is part of the client 
itself, rather than something in between client and server.



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