err= 70007 (Not enough memory) PJ_ENOMEM

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Hi Team,


I am using PJSIP for my client which is enabled with Session Timer feature.

I am observing an issue during longevity run, where I see PJ_ENOMEM (highlighted in red below) when sending an UPDATE as part of Session Timer firing.


I am running my client on a CentOS VM which has a sufficient memory.. but still the PJSIP throws this error message “Not enough memory”. Could you please let me know any configuration I need to change..


Note: I am creating a pool for the endpoint as “pool = pj_pool_create(&cp.factory, NULL, 8000, 8000, NULL);”


04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]               endpoint .Request msg UPDATE/cseq=27741 (tdta0x7fd0c82da268) created.

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      dlg0x7fd184071990 Refreshing session after 45s (expiration period=90s)

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      inv0x7fd184071a38 .Sending Request msg UPDATE/cseq=27741 (tdta0x7fd0c82da268)

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      dlg0x7fd184071a38 ..Sending Request msg UPDATE/cseq=27741 (tdta0x7fd0c82da268)

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      tsx0x7fd0c82db278 ...Transaction created for Request msg UPDATE/cseq=27740 (tdta0x7fd0c82da268)

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      tsx0x7fd0c82db278 ..Sending Request msg UPDATE/cseq=27740 (tdta0x7fd0c82da268) in state Null

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]          sip_resolve.c ...Target '' type=TLS resolved to '' type=TLS (TLS transport)

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller] TX 502 bytes Request msg UPDATE/cseq=27740 (tdta0x7fd0c82da268) to TLS

UPDATE sip:ANY@;transport=tls SIP/2.0

Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;rport;branch=z9hG4bKPjnGET9L5a7rMq4VLf-tARP-sdbzTPU22w;alias

Max-Forwards: 70

From: <sip:20019993018@>;tag=LHYdIcIsGx.7dI.O4SkrEqDDFseewgPV

To: sip:;tag=ee5bbe2

Contact: <sip:20019993018@>;+sip.src

Call-ID: 5f26a32f0000025c84071a38@1596367663

CSeq: 27740 UPDATE

Supported: timer

Session-Expires: 90;refresher=uac

Min-SE: 90

Content-Length:  0



--end msg--

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      tsx0x7fd0c82db278 ...Failed to send Request msg UPDATE/cseq=27740 (tdta0x7fd0c82da268)! err=70007 (Not enough memory (PJ_ENOMEM))

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      tsx0x7fd0c82db278 ...State changed from Null to Terminated, event=TRANSPORT_ERROR

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      dlg0x7fd184071a38 ....Transaction tsx0x7fd0c82db278 state changed to Terminated

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      dlg0x7fd184071990 .....Receive error 503 for refresh request UPDATE/cseq=27740

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      dlg0x7fd184071990 .....Scheduling to retry refresh request after 10 second(s)

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller] on_tsx_state_changed invite: 0x7fd184062c18 transaction_status_code: 503

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller] globalmap======= 436 searching for 5f26a32f0000025c84071a38@1596367663

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      dlg0x7fd184071990 Error in refreshing session timer: Not enough memory (PJ_ENOMEM)

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      tsx0x7fd0c82db278 Timeout timer event

04:29:13.650 ( 1426: 1946) [Controller]      tsx0x7fd0c82db278 .State changed from Terminated to Destroyed, event=TIMER


Will be waiting for response. Your help will be appreciated.




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