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Hi Saúl,

Actually the library is supposed to also automatically send PLI on missing keyframe, but currently it happens only if remote signals RTCP-FB PLI in their SDP. So it seems that you are suggesting to always send PLI regardless remote signalling it or not (as long as PJSUA_VID_REQ_KEYFRAME_RTCP_PLI is set), well, it does not seem to be prohibited by the standard, so why not :) Anyway, I think the approach in the attached patch should be a bit better as sending PLI is done in PJMEDIA level, note that the SIP INFO is done in PJSUA level because PJMEDIA cannot send SIP signalling. The patch is untested though :)


On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 5:58 PM Saúl Ibarra Corretgé <saghul@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 14/02/2020 15:46, Saúl Ibarra Corretgé wrote:
> On 06/12/2019 10:49, Nanang Izzuddin wrote:
>> Hi Saúl,
>> Actually we've also just implemented it, please check
>> I've checked your patch and I
>> think all the features have also covered by the ticket (please let us
>> know if something is missing), perhaps the difference is just who do the
>> RTCP sending, instead of PJSUA-LIB (side by side with the SIP INFO
>> method), the ticket does it in video stream. Also the ticket includes
>> SDP attribute generation to signal RTCP-FB PLI capability.
> Hi again Nanag!
> I just spent some time rebasing my changes on top of latest master
> (thanks for syncing up GitHub, it make my life heaps easier!). Great
> work folks, most of my patches are no longer necessary!
> There is, however, one thing whicch AFAICT is not currently implemented
> by PJSUA: sending a PLI when PJMEDIA_EVENT_KEYFRAME_MISSING is received
> The attached patches add this functionality. The first one exposes a
> pjmedia_vid_stream_send_rtcp_pli function which the second patch uses.
> Please let me know what you think and if you need me to make any
> changes. Keeping our patches at the minimum is my goal :-)
> Cheers,

Now you folks have moved fully to GH (awesome!) I send thesse as a PR:


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