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On Aug 26, 2013, at 11:19 AM, Michael Stowe wrote:

> *"There are a lot of off topic emails sent. But there is far more whining
> and
> **complaining. Good grief!"
> +1*
> Let's remember that not everyone on the list is an expert programmer or
> someone with years of DBA experience.  The purpose of the list (IMHO) is to
> HELP others with their PHP/DB questions, or at least point them in the
> right direction so that they can continue to learn and grow.  This is one
> thing I have commended the PHP community for, their willingness to INCLUDE
> people and be patient with newbies.  Sure there are going to be off-topic
> conversations, questions that get proposed to the wrong list, etc - heck
> I'm guilty of it myself.
> But quite frankly (haven't had my coffee, be warned), if you're going to
> complain that not every message on the list meets your specific standards,
> then you're in the wrong place.  Add some filters to your mailbox, or
> better yet, jump in and help out instead of complaining that "your needs"
> aren't being met.
> Just my two cents...
> - Mike
> ps - if you look on it clearly says this list is NOT moderated...


...and to add to that, to request that a list that is set up to help people only send you messages "you" deem appropriate is... how do I say.. a little selfish.
Now, if you want to throw out the random rant about off topic conversations in hopes that it sinks into these newbies and that some day they too will trim the conversations down to the brass tax, then by all means vent away.. in retrospect, they need to hear this. Just don't go threatening to abandon the same thing you came to for help. JMO.


Karl DeSaulniers
Design Drumm

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