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On 4/5/13 7:23 AM, Matijn Woudt wrote:
On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 3:19 PM, Toby Hart Dyke <toby@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It looks similar to this bug:**id=54379<>- possibly fixed in a later version? Your PHP is pretty elderly.


I would suggest to upgrade the full system.
LC_* shows the OS is using ISO-8859-1, which is extremely outdated.  It
should use UTF-8 of course, or at least the ISO-8859-15.
The database uses ISO-8859-15, and then you output it to the browser
(without converting it I assume), and you tell the browser it is UTF-8 data?

About your problem, it seems Toby is right about the bug report. It seems
it has not been fixed yet, there is a patch but devs didn't find I good
enough it. You might want to look at the options to use an ISO-8859-15
connection instead of UTF-8 while the bug has not been fixed.

- Matijn

A PHP upgrade will fix various things in PDO and a few things in PDO_OCI.
I don't know if your current issue is one of them.

OCI8 is the preferred driver for Oracle DB access.  It is maintained and
has performance features that PDO_OCI doesn't have: connection pooling,
statement caching etc.

The bigger issue is there aren't any PDO_OCI developers.  Also no one
is overseeing the PDO project (all drivers) so it is decaying and
fragmenting.  (Volunteers to assist are welcome).  Even the MySQL team
would recommend mysqli instead of PDO_MYSQL.


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