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If mobile data usage is acceptable, you may consider using that same web app also in the phone. Either just open it in a mobile browser as any other webpage (it must have a responsive design), you can set up bookmark icons on the home screen for easier access.
Or load the website or use its API from within an Android app (which would not execute the PHP by itself): see and
Consider using a framework that would help build an app for both Android and iOS in one go, e.g.


No: Deepak Goel <deicool@xxxxxxxxx>
Nosūtīts: trešdiena, 2023. gada 4. janvāris 12:41
Kam: php-general General List <php-general@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Tēma: PHP & Android

I am a newbie.

I have developed a PHP application for the web using- Ubuntu 20, PHP 7.3, MySQL 8. The application is similar to ( .

Was wondering if I can port the code on Android? Will it work?

Please advise.


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