Re: Connecting PHP-based Application to Postgres-9.0.3

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On Thu, 7 Apr 2011, Raymond O'Donnell wrote:

Have you located the Postgres log yet? ISTM that that's where you need to
be looking.


  Yes ... and no. I think that I turned on all the right switches in
postgresql.conf, but the logging is displayed to stdout rather than to
syslog. I have a /var/log/postgresql but that has a few entries from last
December and nothing since. I can post the .conf file to learn what I set
incorrectly (or didn't set when it should be).

  I also changed bytea_encoding to 'escape' from 'hex', stopped and
restarted the postmaster, and there's no change.

  In C and python I'd be putting little stub code to print in the function
with the problems so I can tell just where I am when it fails. I've no idea
of how to do this in php, or where it would be appropriate to insert code to
generate diagnostics.



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