Re: transactions from PHP - double COMMIT required?

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2007/3/1, Martin Marques <martin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
mikie wrote:
>> > But getting back to my problem - perhaps there is something I
>> > misunderstood: is it the client application responsibility to check if
>> > the transaction failed or succeeded and issue COMMIT or ROLLBACK
>> > accordingly (how do I close the transaction block in that case)?
>> > Or is it the database server that is suppose to check if transaction
>> > succeded and perform the query, or ROLLBACK if anything went wrong?
>> PG will rollback all transactions that have an error in some part, as it
>> can't commit the transaction as a whole.
> OK, so my way of programming seems correct.
> Then why do I have to send another COMMIT after failed transaction to
> continue with next queries in the same php script ?

I may not have gotten your question right, but with one commit (or end)
is enough. Transaction gets closed (commited or rolled back), and you
can start a new transaction with BEGIN.

Thats exactly what I was thinking, too. But PHP does things in some
other way, I guess.
I am sending an entire sql transaction block to the PHP pg_query
command, so it starts with BEGIN and ends with COMMIT. Then I still
have to execute another pg_query with "commit;" only - thats why I am
asking here if maybe someone know what the problem is.

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