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> Could it be that pg_connect cant connect through real URLs ?

The only difference with a dynamic URL is that the DNS expiry (time-to-cache) is much lower (usually 5 minutes as opposed to a day.) DNS clients don't see it any differently.
I would try a newer PHP version (latest in the 4 series is 4.4.4).

I must admit I've never had a problem with pg_connect not seeing a domain the server itself can.

Is the PostgreSQL server on the same box as PHP? Have you tried connecting through domain sockets instead?


Dirk Becker wrote:
Andy Shellam (Mailing Lists) wrote:
Connects fine from my box. How about firewalls? We had a weird case at work a while back where a router somewhere along the line was blocking all connections until it was ping'd - then after it received a ping, it'd keep the connection open for 20 minutes or so, then start blocking again. Turned out to be faulty!

One thing I would check is the domain name lookup. Make sure your DNS servers are properly configured and respond timely (within 2 seconds.) from your client for a minute and see if any time out and/or fail.


Thanks, but the error only apears while using php / pg_connect()
With pgsql i can connect through the dynamic url without problems :/
Could it be that pg_connect cant connect through real URLs ?

I run php 4.3.3 and PostgreSQL 8.1.0

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