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On Thu, 2023-08-03 at 17:20 +0000, Sushil Shirodkar wrote:
> We take regular backup along with WALs everyday no issues, but one day of
> the week regularly backup fails with the following error.
> ERROR:  requested WAL segment 0000000C000008A10000000B has already been removed
> We know the reason there is heavy database activity going during this period. But
> trying to avoid addition of more WAL files, is there any way to modify our backup
> command below which will take just the snapshot and not worry about the WALs? 
> playing with diff. options but no luck.  
> pg_basebackup -h ${MASTER_TCP_ADDRESS} -U ${REP_USER} -D ${BACKUP_DIR} -X fetch -Ft -zPw >>$LOG

You need the WAL, otherwise you cannot recover the backup.

Use "-X stream" instead of "-X fetch", and the problem will go away.

Laurenz Albe
Cybertec |

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