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Hello Friends,

Looking for some help/input regarding backup issue we are having.
Env : PG         => 12.11
         Ubuntu => 20.04.4

We take regular backup along with WALs everyday no issues, but one day of
the week regularly backup fails with the following error.

ERROR:  requested WAL segment 0000000C000008A10000000B has already been removed

We know the reason there is heavy database activity going during this period. But
trying to avoid addition of more WAL files, is there any way to modify our backup
command below which will take just the snapshot and not worry about the WALs? 
playing with diff. options but no luck.  

pg_basebackup -h ${MASTER_TCP_ADDRESS} -U ${REP_USER} -D ${BACKUP_DIR} -X fetch -Ft -zPw >>$LOG

Thanks in advance, 

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