Re: Is a PS - MSSQL Logical Replication Possible??

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Dear all,

Yes, I see that there is a small possibility of realizing this architecture, however I also realize that the consistency is put at risk and that the HH are high.  I am going to deliver a report giving the pros and cons of this architecture.  

Thank you all very much for your contributions.

Erik Serrano

El mar., 25 de julio de 2023 2:54 p. m., Wetmore, Matthew (CTR) <Matthew.Wetmore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:
Correct, and with dblink on logical slots.  The gotcha is making the logical slots persistent in your network config.

I have done db link from one table to another on my primary and then use that table as the source for processing data or whatever.

But you will have to do custom work.

The most annoying part of this is the MSSQL ::Postgres inconsistencies such as date, numeric and float , bit::bool types.

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> On Jul 25, 2023, at 11:29 AM, Erik Serrano <eserranos@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What you indicate is interesting, I am going to find out about the debezium and attunity programs.
> Thank you very much for answering

I don't know how those two are implemented--but for background on what is possible, you might want to read up on PostgreSQL logical replication slots. Essentially, one can write a plug-in which has access to a serialized stream of all updates being applied. There are examples which exist. So one could write such a thing that pushes to MSSQL, or one could use such a thing which publishes change stream as JSON, and develop something to push this to MSSQL. Not suggesting that *you* have to this--just that it's likely tools are based on this, and it would be good for your understanding.

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