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On Thu, Jun 15, 2023 at 10:44 AM M Sarwar <sarwarmd02@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Scott and all,

Here the question comes with respect to CHAR(10) to CHARACTeR VARYING( 10 ) comparison results.
char_10   - type character ( 10 )
var_char_10 - type character varying ( 10)

When I do the comparison between char_10 and var_char_10 columns, I may get the wrong results.
var_char_10 is always trimmed from right.

NO.  varchar is never trimmed in this sense.  Though casting to a varchar(n) will result in truncation of the input value to n characters - regardless of what those characters are.

char_10 has padded data of blank or spaces.
Now I compare char10 and var_char_10 columns, I will get the wrong results because char_10 has padded spaces.

Is that correct or will it ignore whitespaces at the end of char_10 column?

Testing shows that the varchar value gets promoted to char, not the other way around.

postgres=# select '123  '::char(5) = '123    '::varchar;
(1 row)

postgres=# select ('123  '::char(5))::varchar = '123    '::varchar;
(1 row)

No one memorizes char behavior - if you must use it then test your code, and maybe be extra explicit with your casting too.

David J.

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