Re: The same result for with SPACE and without SPACE

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Nobody's kicking you out of any group. Someone requested themselves to be removed, with a typo that made it ambiguous.

The original question had nothing to do with INT, it was behavior of CHAR and trailing spaces.

> select c1 from matt_test where c1 = '123'
> -- all 3 rows returned.
>  Is it expected behavior that all 3 rows would be returned (because the space isn’t an INT?)

Yes. Or more precisely, it is because when a string is cast to an int, leading and trailing spaces are ignored. The alternative would be to raise an error, as 'an integer plus some spaces' is not an integer...

> select c2 from matt_test2 where c2 = '123'
> -- 1 rows returned.

Yes, for TEXT column, which behaves the same as VARCHAR. Also 1 row for:

select c2 from matt_test2 where c2 = '123 '

But 2 rows returned for CHAR column, as inserting '123' and '123 ' into CHAR(n) results in the same value being inserted. And also 2 rows returned for:

select c2 from matt_test2 where c2 = '123 '

^^^ which was the original question

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