Re: pam_open_session returns PAM_SUCCESS but no pam session?

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On 06.12.2010 1:11, Henk te Sligte wrote:
I know about the first parameter, the xsh script has "xsh" by default,
so that's what I am using. Obviously, I did create my own in
/etc/pam.d, which is described in my first mail.
I figured from the examples, xsh.c would spawn a shell with the new
logged in user, because it got the credentials from PAM. Why else is
there the system() call in xsh.c (From the examples, in the release

Did you think about your example being incomplete? Please read the PAM documentation carefully instead of arguing with me. The fact is that PAM job is only user authentication, everything other, like applying UID, GID, supplementary GIDs, is the application job, whether you agree with that or not.

Sincerely Yours, Dan.

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