Re: pam_open_session returns PAM_SUCCESS but no pam session?

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On 05.12.2010 22:52, Henk te Sligte wrote:
Hi guys,

I have been puzzling with this all day, and I can't figure out why
this doesn't work.
I compiled "xsh.c" from the examples, and created the appropriate
config file. However, I do get a shell, but from the same user that is
logged in.
I even tried to modify the system call to just a simple "touch
test.txt", but this command is executed as the same user.
So I guess my problem is somewhere in the config file, but I don't
know what to modify. I used the "login" and "passwd", and I even tried
my own, where I just call for every action, and even
though I am authenticated without a problem, the xsh script still
creates the file with the same user.

So instead of the regular source, I did (line 142 from examples/xsh.c):
           /* this is always a really bad thing for security! */
           retcode = system("touch /home/henk/test.txt");
           if(retcode != PAM_SUCCESS) {
                 printf("Error code: %d\n", retcode);

After calling "./a.out henk" as root, this is the response:
==>  called pam_start()
   got: `Success'
==>  called pam_set_item(PAM_RUSER)()
   got: `Success'
==>  called pam_set_item(PAM_RHOST)()
   got: `Success'
==>  called pam_set_item(PAM_RHOST)()
   got: `Success'
==>  called pam_authenticate()
   got: `Success'
==>  called pam_acct_mgmt()
   got: `Success'
==>  called pam_setcred()
   got: `Success'
==>  called pam_open_session()
   got: `Success'
The user [henk] has been authenticated and `logged in'
==>  called pam_close_session()
   got: `Success'
==>  called pam_setcred()
   got: `Success'
==>  called pam_end()
   got: `Success'

However, the file is created as root.
This is my config script (from /etc/pam.d/passwd):

auth    required
auth    required
account required
password        requisite  cracklib
password        optional    use_authtok
password        required    use_authtok
session required
session required
session optional
session optional
session optional    auto_start only_if=gdm,lxdm

Can anyone help me out? What am I doing wrong?

You should carefully read all documentation about PAM. The first parameter of pam_start() is in fact the name of PAM config file. If you specified "login" there, PAM will parse /etc/pam.d/login, if you specified something else, you must create the corresponding config file in /etc/pam.d. In addition, switching UID/GID to those of logging in user and initializing his supplementary group list is the job of your application, not PAM.


Sincerely Yours, Dan.

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