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Tim Nowaczyk schrieb:
> On Oct 22, 2009, at 7:38 AM, Stefan Kuhne wrote:
>> i authenticate against an externel LDAP-Server.
>> This server have no home entry, so i get
>> getent passwd
>> ...
>> root:x:0:0:root::/bin/bash
>> ...
>> for example.
>> Which source should i motify to add a home entry or can i write a pam
>> module?
> This is probably due to an nss_ldap configuration problem.  Figure out
> which LDAP attribute has the user's home directory.  If it's called
> "myLocalHomeDirAttribute" then add the following to your /etc/ldap.conf
> or /etc/nss-ldap.conf (whichever your distribution uses for nss-ldap)
I try to figure out.
But ldapsearch doesn't work anymore.

> nss_map_attribute homeDirectory myLocalHomeDirAttribute

> If you aren't storing the home directory in LDAP, then you are out of
> luck unless you want everyone to have the same home directory.
No, it is on my main Server and /home is exportd by nfs.
All user should have it's own home dir.

Stefan Kuhne

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