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On Oct 22, 2009, at 7:38 AM, Stefan Kuhne wrote:

i authenticate against an externel LDAP-Server.
This server have no home entry, so i get

getent passwd
for example.
Which source should i motify to add a home entry or can i write a pam

This is probably due to an nss_ldap configuration problem. Figure out which LDAP attribute has the user's home directory. If it's called "myLocalHomeDirAttribute" then add the following to your /etc/ ldap.conf or /etc/nss-ldap.conf (whichever your distribution uses for nss-ldap)

nss_map_attribute homeDirectory myLocalHomeDirAttribute

If you aren't storing the home directory in LDAP, then you are out of luck unless you want everyone to have the same home directory.

Tim Nowaczyk

Timothy Nowaczyk
Network Systems Engineer
University of Virginia - ITC

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