Re: CPU soft lockup in a spin lock using tproxy and nfqueue

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Major Dávid <major.david@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks,
> I builded and tested in my Jammy environment, and I could not reproduce
> any soft lockups with this patch anymore.


> But I am also wondering that the inet_twsk_deschedule_put is really
> needed in this particular case in tproxy? As I understand it, there
> is an other independent mechanism which destroys tw sockets, so no
> need do it here?

Which one?  As far as I can see TCP stack would end up adding a
duplicate quadruple to the hash if we only drop the reference and
keep the listen sk around.

And if we assign the tw socket to the skb TCP stack might not be able
to find the correct listener if the service is on a different port
than what is in the TCP header.

Did I miss anything?

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