Packets stuck iNeteduring delay

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Havnoticed thasometimes packets which just shall be delayed are stuck or lost, i.e never sent out at all from Netem.

Ialways happens on thsame interface which the delay is enabled on.

I used ilikthis:

tc qdisc add dev eth5.2209 roonetedelay 7ms 5ms 25%

I sepackets stuck/losfor around 3-4 secs. on eth5 outgoing traffic.
Probleseen abouonce / 2 hours and then only for 3-4 seconds.

I havWiresharks logs availablon both side of Netem PC which shows this problem...

10Gb/s Ethernecard and 64 biLiunx used:

Linux selillisa016 3.0.13-0.27-defaul#1 SMP Wed Feb 15 13:33:49 UTC 2012 (d73692b) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"

Is this kind of probleseen befor?

Thanks /Ulf

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