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download the archive files

Dear friends,

in the last time i come more and more in contact with the MHonArc archive tool. I am not a direct user of MHonArc software. Only a real user.

I want to download the archive files from the lists before i subscribed. Like with mailman. But, of course, not in the HTML-format. I am not shure, that this list is the correct place to discuss this question.

In the documentation i don't find any tips to my question.

All the lists with this problem use the sympa maillist server software. (i hate it. i prefer the more strong and minimalistic mailman).

But, what you think? Is my question more a question to the admin groups of the lists? Or exist a way for the users, to use a functionality from MHonArc?

many greetings, willi
Cordoba, Argentina

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