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original EML filename in index

Hello everyone,

i'm an extreme novice to mhonarc but for my application i'd like to be
able to create an index file which also contains the filename of the
original EML file processed.

i've modified a template like this:


and tried importing emails with this command:

for a in /directory/containing/eml_files/*; do
	b=$(basename $a)
	mhonarc -add -definevar EML="$b" -rcfile /path/to/customtemplate.mrc
-outdir /destination $a

with this i can get an archive which i can browse fine with emails and
attachments correctly converted to html.
but in the filename field every entry is populated with the last value
of the loop

so for instance if i have 3 mails named

what i get is that i have correct subjects and links pointing to the
correct exported email body, but near each message i have 3.eml

can anyone help me out?
any suggestion or alternative way of doing so?

thanks in advance

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