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Convert mailing list from ISO-2022 to Unicode?

Hi there,

I had a mailinglist that was archiving in ISO-2022-JP and I wanted to convert the index to UTF-8 and store new mails in UTF-8 as well.

Basically, it was just storing the mails in native formate (ISO-2022- JP) and I wanted it to be more compatible with common standards.

So I put the below in the rc file, and ran mhonarc on some new mails that had come in. Imagine my surprise when all the old mail files got new headers, in UTF-8, but the bodies remained in ISO-2022-JP. Moreover, the headers were badly converted and became garbage, neither readable in ISO-2022-JP or UTF-8.

Example result: "=?iso-2022-jp?b? GyRCIVo7ajVeIVtCZzxqRC4bKEJQT1BfR1NSKEM3NjAw?= =?iso-2022-jp?b? GyRCO0NEakJQMX5NURsoQg==?=) =?iso-2022-jp?b? GyRCJEclSCVpJVYla0gvQDghSkRJMkMlbSUwIUsbKEI=?="

The documentation claims that when an rc file is changed, old mail messages won't be changed. So I'm wondering why it did it?

Is there any way to revert or convert the headers properly?

I'm copying the rc code I used here. I wish I understood it, I mostly copied from the example:
<!-- ============================================================== -->
<!--                           UTF-8 settings                       -->
<!-- ============================================================== -->

<!-- Make sure sorting is done properly according to Japanese rules -->

<!-- Store the attachments with their proper names -->
m2h_external::filter; subdir usename usenameext

<!-- Use UTF-8 encoding for everything -->
utf-8; MHonArc::UTF8::to_utf8; MHonArc/UTF8.pm

<-- With data translated to UTF-8, it simplifies CHARSETCONVERTERS -->
<CharsetConverters override>
default; mhonarc::htmlize

<-- Need to also register UTF-8-aware text clipping function -->
MHonArc::UTF8::clip; MHonArc/UTF8.pm



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