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Re: Handling message/rfc822 parts

On October 15, 2007 at 08:58, Chris Hastie wrote:

> How does MHonArc handle message/rfc822 parts and what options are
> available to control this?
> I've hit a problem with the XML resource files I posted the other day
> when message/rfc822 parts are included. It seems that the header section
> is output exactly as per the parent message, which in my case includes
> output some XML tags that I really don't want appearing in the middle of
> the parent's body. Not least because this is all CDATA. Is there any way
> I can modify this behaviour for attached messages?

Probably require code modifications to do things properly.

If you do not mind not have any header fields showing in rfc822 parts,
you can set the following resource:


And then roll your own header formatting for the main message header
fields (see FAQ).

If you want rfc822 parts to show some headers, use the EXCS, FIELDORDER,
etc resources to get what you want.  Then for your main message
header fields, set page layout resources to XML comment-out what
is printed.  Use the roll-your-own method to provide the XML-based
header field formatting you want for the main message fields.


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