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Re: [approved] [sr #105343] message digests

Earl Hood wrote:
On May 12, 2006 at 12:17, NOW Web Sites Coordinator wrote:

Yes, it shows up as hidden text (still findable by spam robots).

Only a problem if you have software that creates message-ids that
include actual email addresses.  This is unusual, and with the spam
world we live in today, not recommended.

Aha.... This finally explains the huge unstoppable spam runs I have been seeing against my mailserver. I thought it was some dumbass who was trying some wierd number based dictionary spam on my server (despite plenty of 554 responses), but now I see that it was all my msgid's that were being harvested!

Is it possible to at least mangle them in some way so the dumb robots don't think they are real. Yes sure the stuff never gets here, but the load on my servers would go down dramatically if they at least stopped trying!


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