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Re: OT: indexing software question

On February 11, 2005 at 19:17, Bob Bernstein wrote:

> What indexing software do mhonarc users find useful, and, in so many,
> words, "mhonarc-friendly"?

I believe Namazu is the most mhonarc-friendly.  Namazu has an
extensible filtering capability, which allows it namazu to be smarter
about differnt file formats.  There is a filter explicitly for
mhonarc message files.

For mharc, <http://www.mhonarc.org/mharc/>, I went with namazu mainly
due to its ease to get started with it.  Namazu also provides field
based searching.  For example, you can do searches by author or subject
of the messages.  Mharc leverages this capability to provide enhanced
navigational links.

> I'm considering namazu and htdig, but I'd like to see any feedback on
> this subject that assembled faithful care to share!

Mail-archive.com uses htdig.  Message page layout resources to
include tags for htdig so only the message body text is indexed.  This
avoids bogus indexing of navigational and non-essential markup.  I
believe htdig takes more work to get configured and going.

Both htdig and namazu do not support UTF-8, which is starting to
become a must.  If your archives will be multilingual, you way want
to look into search engines that support UTF-8.

BTW, namazu is designed to support various Japanese encodes, hence, it
has some popularity with Japanese users.


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