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Re: OT: indexing software question

I just got creative with bash scripting + php message files + cron. Mhonarc generates messages in php format that use various includes to do either database updates (search on auth/subj), authentication (so each page is password protected - reply off list if you want a guest pw), or allow for design/look/feel updates without regenerating all the message files. Once mhonarc runs, my cron job script finds the new message files and then links visits them with the -dump option to /dev/null and some get arguments.

I'm archiving a mirror of 356talk, a listserv sponsored by the Porsche 356 Registry. I just hit 80,000 messages yesterday.


Bob Bernstein wrote:
What indexing software do mhonarc users find useful, and, in so many,
words, "mhonarc-friendly"?

I'm considering namazu and htdig, but I'd like to see any feedback on
this subject that assembled faithful care to share!

Best regards,

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