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Re: mhonarc -scan producing unwanted output for iso-8859-1 special characters

Michael de Beer wrote:
> I use it to create a web page that has an index of the last 20 posts. 
> See http://www.wfn.org/
> mhonarc -scan output is parsed and rewritten by a perl script
> everytime there is a new post.

I generate a list of the 5 (could be any 'n') most recent messages 
by grepping and sorting the contents of the output directory. This 
works well for me since I have the archives sorted by month so 
there are usually only a few hundred messages and the sort+grep 
doesn't take too long. This gets me the n most recent files and
I get the subject of the message through another grep + a regex 
of these files.

This also avoids the problem you are seeing since I am processing
the archived HTML messages.

This is most certainly a hack (and the '-scan' option sounds
more elegant) but it has worked for me for a while.

- Harshal

 http://www.mumbai-central.com : Where Mumbaikars meet

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