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extracting addresses from TO: field

I have searched the archives, but couldn't find a solution
to the following problem:

I want to use MHonarc to archive my personal mail.  In the
index I would like to use php to replace email addresses with
names using a separate address-book file.  This works fine for
$FROMADDR$, but is there any way to strip out the "human" names
from a stored field that is recalled using $MSGHFIELD(CUR;to)$
for example?  It seems that ADDRESSMODIFYCODE works only on
the email parts of address-containing fields.

So, I would like MHonarc to render

  "Gil Bates" <gb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Eve Bjosst" <eb@xxxxxxxxx>


  gb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, eb@xxxxxxxxx

or perhaps with the lt; and gt; chars stil in place.

I'm storing the index page as a "raw" (i.e., non-HTML) file
which is read and filtered by another php/HTML page, but is there
any way MHonarc can strip those names for me.  Otherwise, my
php code will have to do the dirty work.

Any ideas?


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