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mhastart via cron?

My hosting company will not allow me shell access. Accordingly I have
installed mhonarc using the mhastart.pl script. Using the "Other MHonArc
command" dialogue box I have created the archive, customised the output and
MHonArc recognises my resource file.

However, I am at a loss to know how I can automate this process via Cron. I
know how to call the script, but how do I get the script to run my command
line? Presumably I need to hack the script; I have spent a long time looking
through it, but as a complete hacker, I am unsure as to where to edit the

For reference, the entry into the box is

mhonarc -rcfile $mrc -outdir /path/to/the/archive $mbox

Incidentally, mhastart does not recognise my resource file if it is not
invoked through the command line; I am unclear whether this is what is
intended or not.

Any help greatly received.


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