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Re: regex modifying $FROM$

On October 22, 2004 at 10:56, Steve wrote:

> I'm using mhonarc to archive a listserv, and I'd like to provide a small 
> amount of search functionality by subject/author name/date.  To do this, 
> I've made a resource file that basically creates a mysql script with 
> message file name, date, author "name", author email, and subject, which 
> I can then access via a LAMP setup.  However, I'm having problems with 
> the author name portion.  Some people have single quotes in their email 
> client settings, which of course breaks the mysql "insert into..." command.

An alternative is to have the resource file create a file which
is then read to generate the mysql script.  I.e.  Why create the
mysql script directly?  Create a file that is read by a script that
invokes/creates the proper mysql calls.  This way, you have complete
control over how the data is escaped or pre-processed before put
into mysql.


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