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beating the bin attachment dead horse.

hey, Ive installed MHonArc-2.6.10 on a slowaris 8 box and im archiving a 
few newsgroups. the age old problem is that a lot of the attachments end 
up as .bin extensions. Ive read the FAQ and the info about the 
mimefilters, but I just cant get it to work.. heres what im doing

mhonarc -rcfile /local/shogun_apps/etc/mhonarc.rc.SAVE -outdir  
/local/htdocs/shogun/jason/core1 -add  /local/news/spool/articles/japan/crash

and in my mhonarc.rc.SAVE, I have 

application/octet-stream; usenameext

and further down

<MIMEArgs override>
m2h_external::filter; useicon inline usenameext

shouldnt that be doing what I want? I cant find any verbose or debug flags 
on the mhonarc binary itself to try to track down whats going on. Here is 
an example file thats not being converted..

[root@kendo]# ls binia6eKo8GrO.bin 
[root@kendo]# file binia6eKo8GrO.bin 
binia6eKo8GrO.bin: LHa (2.x) archive data [lh5]

yes, the newsgroups are in japanese text.


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