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Re: beating the bin attachment dead horse.

On August 7, 2004 at 14:02, Jason wrote:

> and in my mhonarc.rc.SAVE, I have 
> text/plain:default=iso-2022-jp
> application/octet-stream; usenameext
> and further down
> <MIMEArgs override>
> m2h_external::filter; useicon inline usenameext
> </MIMEArgs>

With the latter setting, you do not need the one for the
application/octet-stream.  In general, it is best to stick with
setting arguments at the filter level and do ones at the media-type
level only if absolutely needed.

BTW, the "override" attribute wipes out your text/plain argument
settings since it clears all previos MIMEARGS settings.

> shouldnt that be doing what I want? I cant find any verbose or debug flags 
> on the mhonarc binary itself to try to track down whats going on. Here is 
> an example file thats not being converted..
> [root@kendo]# ls binia6eKo8GrO.bin 
> binia6eKo8GrO.bin
> [root@kendo]# file binia6eKo8GrO.bin 
> binia6eKo8GrO.bin: LHa (2.x) archive data [lh5]
> [root@kendo]# 

Without the original message, it is hard to tell if there is any
problem.  If no filename specification is given in the message, then
usenameext will not help you.


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