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Re: Encoding problems

On July 23, 2004 at 10:02, Harald Wehr wrote:

> Now I get problems with german mails:
> The subject of a mail contains the german ä (a with diaeresis) and is 
> encoded with Ä which seems to be correct.
> The body of the messages contains also contains chars like ä,ö,ü (a,o,u 
> with diaresis). These chars are all encoded to #xC3;
> Why does this happen. What do I have to modify in utf-8-encode.mrc to 
> get correct results?

Can you provide me (tar/zipped) a sample message or two that exhibits
this problem along with the resource file you are using.

You can send it to me via private mail.

BTW, what version of of Perl are you using?  This may be a factor since
MHonArc does character encoding differently depending on the version
of Perl you are using.


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