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what to do if subject header isn't encoded?


I've met difficulty when I've tried to convert one maillist 

I use the following (was got from mhoarch manual) settings in 

<CharsetConverters override>
plain;          mhonarc::htmlize
default;        MHonArc::UTF8::str2sgml;     MHonArc/UTF8.pm

MHonArc::UTF8::clip; MHonArc/UTF8.pm

The problem:
For example, if subject header is not encoded such as
Subject: =?koi8-r?B?UmU6IPPr8u/s6e7n?=
But looks like
Subject: Raw koi8-r cyrillic text

Mhonarc couldn't detemine encoding of the field and ruin it.

Question: Is it possible to specify that if subject isn't encoded 
mhonarc should think that the header is in KOI8-R?


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