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Re: Out of memory error!

On July 5, 2004 at 15:27, saf wrote:

> > Check your resource files for any unclosed tags.
> I checked the resource file, I closed all unclosed tags, but it takes still t
> oo many RAM (more than 2 Gbytes).

Please provide pointers to your resource files.  MHonArc has some
restrictions on the format.  For example, start and end tags MUST be
on their own lines.

> Perhaps you can try yourself with this file and see if you can optimize mhona
> rc:
> http://www.xy1.org/netfilter.mbox.bz2
> For example is it possible to compress the used memory in Perl?

It looks like things die on the first message from the sample terminal
output you provided, hence my suspicion of a malformed resource setting.
Running on an old PII system, I am unable to get past the first message
from netfilter.mbox.bz2.

As a comparison, start a test run using mhonarc defaults (no resource
files).  If you get a bunch of dots spitting out during the run, then
you know there is some resource set in your resource files triggering
the problem.

BTW, since the mbox is large, I recommend breaking things up into smaller
archives, like by month.  Have a look at <http://www.mhonarc.org/mharc/>
for an example.


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