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MHonArc v2.6.9 Released

2004/05/07	(2.6.9)

* Bug Fixes:

    Bug ID  Summary
    ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
     5473   directory separator for attachments on W2K
     5643   New ressource - newsserver
     5758   MULTIPG and NOSAVERESOURCES cause archive to be rewritten
     5905   Modification of non-creatable array value attempted
     6208   Mhonarc creates slightly incorrect HTML-code
     7571   <include> element doesn't look for resource files in
     7628   typo in mhrcfile.pl
    ------  ------------------------------------------------------------

* New resources:

    ATTACHMENTDIR	Directory to save attachments.
    ATTACHMENTURL	Web URL to attachment directory.
    NEWSURL		URL template for linking to newsgroups.

* Attachment filenames have changed from the numeric-style
  <ext><#####>.<ext> to <ext><XXXXXXXXXX>.<ext> where <XXXXXXXXXX>
  is a random string.  The change corresponds with a change to the
  API to mhonarc::write_attachment() function in mhmimetypes.pl.

* m2h_text_plain::filter:
  . Changed default quoting styles: Left rule changed from 0.1em
    to 0.2em and the color changed from #0000FF to #5555EE.

  . Minor changes to flowed formatting in order to provide
    consistancy with how Mozilla's Gecko engine renders flowed text.

* base64.pl will use MIME::Base64 module if present.  MIME::Base64
  uses an underly C implementation for decoding, so it is noticably
  faster than the pure-Perl approach.



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