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Re: <pre> tags problematic

On May 6, 2004 at 23:38, "Terry Ally" wrote:

> I also tried the other option which you recommended:
> <MIMEArgs>
> m2h_text_plain::filter; attachcheck quote htmlcheck maxwidth=90 target=_blank
> </MIMEArgs>

Add the "nonfixed" option if you do not want <pre> formatting plain
text messages.

> When I email from another email programme which has 
>             <!--X-Content-Type: multipart/alternative -->
> the results are terrible ... all the HTML code is showing up on the page.

Check your MIMEFILTERS setting to see if you have the m2h_text_plain
filter registered for text/html media-type.

>    >  absolutely sure, but I suspect that the <pre> tags are occurring 
> because
>    >  you are using the default MIMALTPREFS resource settings. According 
> to the docs,
>    >  the default is to prefer plain text. See:
>    >  http://www.mhonarc.org/MHonArc/doc/resources/mimealtprefs.html

Incorrect.  The default setting for MIMEALTPREFS is nil.  Therefore,
the preference semantics employed are those defined in the MIME


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