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RE: mhastart.pl errors

Hi Gunnar,

It turned out there were some permission problems that the hosting company
had to correct. My account is on a shared-server, and some things have to
reference a virtual root, and some things require full paths. The paths for
the config variables had to reference the full paths. So, you were right
that my original pathing was wrong.

Soooo, now it works...sort of. I can run mhastart.pl, login, and use 'Add'
to successfully create an empty archive.

But the formatting of maillist.html and threads.html do not include the
formatting changes that were in my rcfile.txt. It is the same rcfile.txt I
used successfully under Windows. I unquoted $mrc, $archive, and $mbox on the
mhastart admin display, and the actual paths shown are correct. (That is,
the rcfile.txt and authoridx.txt are both in the directory specified by

Any thoughts on why mhonarc is not seeing the rcfile.txt?


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