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Re: mhastart.pl errors

Tim Gwinn wrote:
I can run mhastart.pl, login, and use 'Add' to successfully create
an empty archive.

But the formatting of maillist.html and threads.html do not include
the formatting changes that were in my rcfile.txt. It is the same
rcfile.txt I used successfully under Windows. I unquoted $mrc,
$archive, and $mbox on the mhastart admin display, and the actual
paths shown are correct. (That is, the rcfile.txt and authoridx.txt
are both in the directory specified by $mhonarc.)

Any thoughts on why mhonarc is not seeing the rcfile.txt?

Yes. It's because the command executed through the 'Add' button does not include the -rcfile option. To have mhonarc read rcfile.txt, and update the archive database with its settings, you can enter this in the "Other MHonArc command" field:

mhonarc -editidx -rcfile $mrc -outdir $archive

Gunnar Hjalmarsson
Email: http://www.gunnar.cc/cgi-bin/contact.pl

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