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Re: Creating a Mhonarc archive from MS Outlook emails

Earl Hood wrote:

Thanks for the stats.  Which version of Perl are you using?  Do
you use the Activestate port?  Or the cygwin port?

Moving to mharc may be interesting since it is Unix-centric in how
it operates.  Are you using Cygwin?


active state perl 5.8. No cygwin. Mhard from this afternoon, the mh-box-pack mailbox splitter took the 300 meg message archive file for 12/2000 to 8/2003 and split it into month boxes with _NO CHANGES_

Web-archive (which of course, had to become web-archive.pl) required NO CHANGES to run, but saddly, even though my "MAIN.RC" is and "AUTHORS.RC" work perfectly when I start Mhonarc by hand against any of these mailbox files, when mhonarc is started by Mharc, it does not produce a thread index, and I can not see any reason why. So far, that's the ONLY problem. I'm working on that.

I expect I'll have to completely re-do the call to the namazu indexer, but I don't care. And the procmail part is of no interest to me anyway. But taken as bits, the tools are useful. I'll make SEPERATE cron jobs to trigger the splitter and the web-archive and the namazu indexer weekly. No problem with that. Now all I have to do is figure out why I'm not getting thread indexes. Oh well.

Thanks for the great work.

Rick Boatright

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